Our Customers

Our Customers

UMCET supports clinically focused physicians and staff involved with patient care, research, education. Our business-focused customers, who depend on us for health care claims transactions, are also supported to ensure that our patient’s information is handled confidentially and efficiently for payment of healthcare services. We pride ourselves in offering the best of customer service.

Clinicians, Researchers, Academics

The University of Miami Medical Group (UMMG) provides healthcare services, research efforts, and education to a broad and diverse population. Each year the medical school’s 800-faculty physicians have more than a million patient encounters in 19 clinical departments and over 30 specialties. UM clinical facilities are located at over 200 sites in the Tri-County area. Throughout the UM Campuses extensive research and training programs exist that benefit UM patients and healthcare innovation.

  • UMCET teams support the University of Miami Medical Group (UMMG), the UM Hospitals and Clinics (UMHC), the UM Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC).
  • UMCET also supports the mission of the University of Miami by providing the highest level of patient safety to our patients with technology-enabled processes.
  • UMCET supports the data needs of researchers and educators via numerous information systems.

Business – Payers

The Business office of UM interacts with patients and numerous payers for the reimbursement of healthcare services on behalf of our patients.

  • UMCET teams ensure that data can be documented, archived, reported on, and sent to insurers, HMOs, PPOs, national and international insurers, and regulatory agencies, as needed.

Managed Care

University of Miami Behavioral Health (UMBH) is a not-for-profit program that manages the behavioral health benefits of University of Miami employees and their dependents. The program also serves major insurance companies, business and industry, and city and county governments.

UMCET Help Desk (305-243-7339), if you need assistance.