GE-IDX Web 4.0 Provider Schedule Inquiry
GE Centricity Business (IDX)

Provider Schedule Inquiry on the GE-IDX Web

The purpose of this lesson is to provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to perform an inquiry on provider schedules

for GE Centricity Business WEB 4.0 system (IDX).

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CBL Instructions

1. Some words are highlighted in blue. Please point to these words with your mouse for additional information and/or images.

Example: Don't click, but just put your cursor over the word 'blue' in the previous sentence and you will see a popup screen. There will be a similar popup for any word in blue that is not a page or paragraph title.

2. Use the Table of Contents (TOC) drop-down arrow to go to pages 1-32 quickly and/or to view the titles of those pages. This functionality only works for pages 1-32. To access higher page numbers, go to page 32 in the TOC and then click on the Next hyperlink on the top or the bottom of each page. To go back one page, click on the Prev hyperlink.

3. If the previous and next page hyperlinks do not display at the bottom of a page, there may be more information on the page that is not displayed on the screen. To see this data, use the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the screen. Try it on this screen.

4. Some pages have Job Aids or other types of extra information in the right margin of the screen. Click on the icon of the text to view the contents.

5. Some screens are within boxes that give you instructions to:

1. Click to activate screen

2. Move the cursor over the various parts to view a description of the functionality of the option or the data

An example is on the next page

Click screen to activate.



You will learn::

  1. Provider Schedule Terminology
  2. How to view provider schedules
  3. How to change and navigate through the various views of provider schedules
  4. How to create settings for Provider Schedule inquiry




About this CBL

This CBL is based on typical scenarios that you will encounter in your daily work.

In some scenarios, your first activity will be to watch a demonstration of the scenario.

Then you will see the details of each of the new screens that scenario uses.

Then you will see a list of the steps in another example of the scenario. As a reminder, make sure that you hover your cursor over the words in blue; a screen shot relevant to the text displays.

After each scenario, you will have an exercise that is relevant to the scenario.

Let's get started!

Provider Schedule Terminology

There are several terms that are necessary to know in order to understand a provider's schedule.

The terms below will be explained on the following pages:


Click on the Job Aid on the upper right corner of this page to view a Job Aid that contains all the terminology described in this section.

Please print the Job Aid as a reference.


Time Slots

A provider's schedule is divided into time slots. Each time slot is given a purpose: it can either be a clinic or a non-clinic time slot.


Time slots are grouped into sessions. Most providers use a morning session (AM) and afternoon session (PM). They can also use an evening session (EVE). The hours for each session can vary by provider and by day.

Appointment Types and Durations

Appointment types correspond to the same appointment types that are used when booking a patient appointment. Each appointment type has an assigned duration. Although it is not normally the case, the duration can be overridden.

Types of Clinic Slots

The following are the types of clinic slots. In all the examples, the NPV appointment has a duration of 30 minutes and the FUV appointment has a duration of 15 minutes.

Appointment Status

There are 7 appointment statuses:


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 Introduction to the Provider Schedule Screen 

The Provider Schedule screen contains both provider schedule information and patient appointment information for the scheduled appointments. In addition, there are many different views of the information.

You will learn about the Provider Schedule functionality in the following order:

Preview of Provider Schedule Screens

The purpose of the preview is to serve as an introduction to viewing provider schedules. Detail descriptions will follow the preview. The views are shown from statistical and most summary to most detail.

Three views are shown:

a. Monthly view

b. Weekly view

b. Daily view


Following these views, a demonstration of how to access provider schedule information.

Provider's Monthly Schedule

The Monthly view shows the number of appointments for each day and the percent booked. The yellow bar in each day is a visual representation of the percent booked. When you click on a specific date, the appointments for that day display.

Click on the Job Aid on the upper right corner of this page for an explanation of the symbols in the schedule.

Please print the Job Aid as a reference.

03 Monthly - Benedetto June.jpg

Weekly View of a Provider's Schedule

The Weekly view displays five days of a provider's schedule. If there is no schedule for a day, that day is not displayed.

The selected day is indicated by a light blue background. You can view details of the selected day. To select another day, click on that day.

Click on the Job Aid on the upper right corner of this page for an explanation of the symbols in the Weekly and Daily schedules.

Please print the Job Aid as a reference.

04 Weekly - Benedetto 2007-06-19.jpg

One Day View of a Provider's Schedule

The One Day view displays schedule and appointment details. All of the sessions for the day are displayed. Use the vertical scroll bar to view the rest of the appointments for the afternoon session and the evening session (if one exists). the Job Aid on the previous page describes the functionality of this screen also.

05 Daily - Benedetto 2007-06-19.jpg

Provider Schedule Demonstration

Click on the image below to view a Provider Schedule Inquiry demonstration in a separate window.

To navigate in this demonstration, you can click on the player at the bottom of the screen to move forward and backwards.


See image below of inline player

Media Bar pp1.jpg

After viewing the demonstration, close the window to continue.


Provider Schedule Screen

Let's take a closer look at the Provider Schedule Daily screen to view the components. We'll use Dr. Benedetto's schedule for June 19, 2007 as an example. Refer to the Provider Schedule Job Aid you printed to understand the symbols and options. In the following pages, we will highlight the parts of the screen.

05 Daily - Benedetto 2007-06-19.jpg

Sections of the Provider Schedule

The sections of the Provider Schedule screen are described on the next few pages:

Setting name and Select Settings drop-down arrow The setting determines which provider schedules are displayed. The drop down arrow is used to clear the current setting, add a new setting or modify an existing setting.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Viewing options The contents of the field display the current view.

  1. Click the drop down arrow to change from one view to another. The views are: Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Expand/Contract Schedule. The Expand view shows each interval in the time slot. The interval is the smallest amount of time for the appointment types in the slot. Contract is the default view. Example: If a follow-up visit is 10 minutes and a new patient visit is 30 visits, the interval will be 10 minutes.

  1. Click the Expand/Contract icon to display the Expand view.
  2. Click the icon again to return to the Contract view.

Hide/Show Columns.

  1. Click the Hide/Show icon to display the Hide view.
  2. Click the Hide/Show icon again to return to the Show view.
  3. The Show view displays the booked, total, available and duration slot information. The Hide view does not show this information. Show is the default view.

Schedule Number Control. The Schedule Number Control box indicates the number of schedules displayed. Click the down arrow to change.

Setting Name. The name of the current provider schedules setting is displayed. Click the down arrow to change. The setting controls the providers whose schedules display. Settings are based on providers and departments. You can include as few as one provider in a setting or multiple providers or departments. You will learn how to create setting later in this CBL.

Refresh Button and Last Refreshed Time. Click the Refresh button to refresh the screen with the most up-to-date schedule and appointment information. The time of the last refreshing is displayed in Last Refreshed field.

Main Header The main header displays the provider name, department, date, day, number of appointments and the Scheduling comment. When there are multiple schedules displayed, the selected schedule has a light blue background. To select another schedule, click on its main header.

Session header The session header details the session (AM. PM, EVE), its location, session comments and the column headings for the session body.

Session body When multiple schedules are displayed, use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to view all the detail. Refer to the Job Aid for a description of the symbols in the session body.

Provider Schedule buttons The buttons are described in detail on this and the next two pages.

Sched Detail button is used to view the detail of the session, slot and appointment.

Perform the following tasks to view the Schedule Detail:

  1. Click on a session header to view session and slot data.
  2. Click on an appointment to view appointment data.
  3. Then click on the Sched Detail button. Note: Immediately after clicking the Sched Detail button, the name of the button changes to: Hide Detail. Click the button to hide the detail.
  4. The Session Detail data displays.
  5. Click the Slot Detail and Appointment tabs to view the data displayed on their screens.

Sched Detail tabs

There are two other ways to view appointment data from Provider Schedules:

  1. Hover your cursor over the appointment to see patient demographics and appointment information. This is slightly different from the data that displays in the Sched Detail Appointment tab. The 'hover' displays: Patient name, MRN, date of birth, age, social security number, home and work telephone numbers, primary and secondary FSCs (insurance), appointment type, status, comment and reason.
  2. Click the Appointment Overview button after an appointment has been selected. The Appointment Overview screen displays. It displays demographic, appointment and financial information. It contains visits information and links to visit and referral data if they are linked to the appointment

Specific Schedule button

Use the Specific Schedule button to view one a schedule for a provider who is not displayed on the screen.

  1. Click the Specific Schedule button
  2. A popup window displays.
  3. Enter data for the schedule to be displayed.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. The requested provider's schedule displays

Actions button provide access to additional functionality

Click the Actions button for:

- Patient List Use to print a list of the patients in the selected schedule

- Print Prints the provider schedule view exactly as displayed on the screen. For best results, turn on the Internet Explorer Print background colors and images setting located in Tools/Internet/Options/Advanced and set the print layout option to landscape.

- View Legend Use to view the provider schedule legend for attachments and appointment status indicator.

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Provider Schedule Settings

The Provider Schedule Settings determine the provider that displays in the Provider Schedule screen.

Throughout this CBL, we have been using a setting named Dr Benedetto. You can follow the instructions on the screen below to change from one setting to another after each setting has been created.

15 Settings.jpg

To Add or Modify a Provider Schedule Setting

Using the creation of the Dr Benedetto setting as an example, you will now learn how to create Provider Schedule Settings.

Access the Provider Schedule Settings by clicking on the Select Settings drop-down arrow on the Provider Schedules screen.

The Settings options display.

Click on the Job Aid on this page to view descriptions of each of the fields and buttons.


Create a Provider Schedule Setting for the Dr. Benedetto.

Starting Point

The starting point for creating a new provider schedule setting is any Provider Schedule screen.

Scenario Steps - Provider Schedule Settings

The following are the steps to create a new Provider Schedule setting:

  1. At the Select Settings drop-down arrow, select Clear
  2. Click on the Actions button.
  3. Select the New option.
  4. In the Name field of the New Appointment Settings popup box, type <DR BENEDETTO>
  5. Click the OK button in the pop-up window
  6. Dr Benedetto's name defaults into the Name field on the Appointment Settings screen
  7. Press the TAB key 8 times to get to the When I switch to Weekly Show _ Schedules field.
  8. At the When I switch to Weekly Show, use the list arrow to select 5 to view 5 days of the Dr Benedetto schedule in the Weekly view.
  9. Press the TAB key three times.
  10. At the Provider field, enter <BENED>
  11. Press the TAB key.
  12. The department and provider default into the Selection Criteria fields.
  13. Click the Include button
  14. The criteria displays
  15. If there you want to include more providers in the setting, repeat steps 12 -15 for additional departments, providers and locations if appropriate (the Exclude button can be used in place of the Include button)
  16. Click in the Default Setting box to make this your default setting each time you view Provider Schedules. A check mark will display in the box after it is clicked.
  17. Click the Save button
  18. The criteria for the setting has been saved.
  19. Click the OK button to return to the Provider Schedules screen
  20. The new Provider Schedule displays with today's schedule.

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Web System Access

In order to obtain access to GE-IDX Web, you must follow these steps:

1. Click on the following link:

Web Inquiry Access Form

2. Print the form and complete it. The forms must be signed by your manager/administrator before access can be granted.

3. Fax it to 305-243-7355



You've learned how:

1. The Provider Schedule Terminology

2. How to view Provider Schedules

3. How to change and navigate through the various views of provider schedules

4. How to create settings for Provider Schedule inquiry