UMCET Applications : Applications

Centricity Business Solutions

Centricity Business Solutions is:

  • An integrated practice and hospital management system that offers access management, patient financials, and robust business intelligence and reporting capabilities
  • UM’s core business system

Benefits realized

  • For our clinicians, it provides the ability to view clinic schedules, patient demographics, and patient lists.
  • For our patients, it provides efficient scheduling and admissions, billing, and claims management
  • For our business office, it provides efficient claims processing and accounts receivable management.
  • To enhance our financial performance, the business intelligence module provides essential reporting and data analysis to analyze and improve the financial performance of our enterprise.

Currently, UMCET supports the following modules:

  • Analyzer – Provides data warehouse functionality for decision support and financial analysis
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR) – Creates patient invoices and manages receivables
  • BAR Case management – Create cases for specific patients, such as transplant care, and links the services and treatments as charged to specific phases of care
  • eCommerce – Electronic submission for physician practices claims and remits
  • EDI – Electronic data interchange for hospital claims and remits
  • Encounter Form Generator – Automatically generates the most common forms used during a patient encounter
  • Enterprise-Wide Scheduling – Provides enterprise-wide scheduling for patients and their physicians
  • Hospital Patient Accounting – Manages the day to day patient accounting activities
  • Managed Care – Provides case management tools to effectively manage patient encounters with longer lengths of stay
  • Open referral – Authorizes “referrals” from physicians. Integrated with appoint scheduling andbilling. Tracks the number of visits that were authorized and the number of visits remaining
  • Paperless Collection System – Supports electronic claims submission and collection
  • Transaction Editing System – Provides “claims scrubbing” to ensure claims have all required data and correct ICD/CPT/DRG coding to allow efficient, clean claims submissions
  • Visit Management – Supports the admission/discharge/transfer function and on-line bed management