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ChartScript and ESA

When a patient care episode occurs, such as a hospital or clinic visit, the physician may dictate the patient’s progress note to document the care provided to the patient. The Transcription Services team (within HIMS) then has the responsibility for transcribing and typing out the progress note. The draft progress note is presented to the physician for review, editing (as needed) and, finally, a validation signature. This vital information becomes a component of the patient’s chart and the final legal medical documentation.

ChartScript & Electronic Signature Authentication-ESA (SoftMed)

ChartScript is a medical-transcription document management system used to transcribe physician dictation, and prepare for physician review of the document and electronic signature via the ESA module.

Benefits realized

  • Return of draft documents to author for review within a 24-hour period
  • Accuracy of transcription
  • Efficiency workflow and document management